The ComfyChemo® Solution

 Before ComfyChemo®

Pulling, Stretching, Ruining shirt collars, and Worrying about what to wear to treatment sessions...

 With ComfyChemo®

Dual Zippers make accessing your chest port easier allowing for a more comfortable treatment session.

Say "Goodbye" to worrying about what to wear to your treatment sessions and "Hello" to ComfyChemo®- a comfortable, affordable, and stylish line of apparel specifically designed for patients with implanted chest 'venous access devices' such as ports. Our dual zipper design makes your chest more easily accessible for your nurse to sanitize and access your port for your treatment session. LOVED by patients AND nurses alike, your shirt is sure to be a hit at your next treatment session!

Step by Step with ComfyChemo®

Wear your ComfyChemo® shirt to treatment

Unzip your dual zippers

Tuck zipper "comfort wings" under to maximize room on chest

Nurse will have plenty of room to clean skin and access port

Once port is accessed, re-zip one or both zippers for your comfort

Relax while you receive your treatment

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Customer Testimonial

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"The chemo nurses and  other patients in my infusion pod were amazed at how much easier the port access was with my ComfyChemo® shirt. Thank you so much ! "

R. Logan