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  • Thank you!!

  • Message My 91 year old Mum was diagnosed with Stage 3B triple negative breast cancer a few months ago. What a shock it was to hear that diagnosis-especially for someone her age who had been told at 86 not to bother to come in for mammograms any longer because "if you don't have breast cancer by now you'll never get it". Wrong. Thankfully she has a wonderful primary care Doctor who got the wheels turning immediately. She's undergoing a chemo regimen now that is milder because of her third stage renal insufficiency and is responding well. She had a port put in and it was such a pain trying to find button up shirts for her to wear to treatment. On our last trip to Hillman Cancer Center in Pittsburgh I saw a little card with a photo of your shirts with the zips at the check in desk. What a great idea! I immediately came home and ordered one for her, as well as a scarf. They just arrived today and I must say I am thrilled. The packaging was so beautiful - she felt like she was receiving a special gift rather than something needed for her chemo. And the little free gifts are so appreciated. She often gets different nurses, but we have had one in particular work with us more often and she can't wait to give Chelsea her little present. Thank you for making her treatment easier- and she can feel prettier too! I will be letting the staff there know how wonderful your service is and they will be able to see first hand the quality of your products. I know they will share that information with their patients. Blessings to you

My husband loves his chemo shirt. It is very comfortable and the nurses love the ease of access

God has shown Mercy and Grace on Us today through you and your company. I am in awe at his wonders. I am so emotional and grateful with tears in my eyes at your generosity. I never expected you to respond that way. I can not even  begin to tell you the Joy in my heart with you  "Lets Make It Easier Shirts" as I call it.


Our patients and nurses absolutely love the style and comfort of your shirts !!

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